Driving Van Nuys

Valley Municipal Building Van Nuys
Valley Municipal Building Van Nuys

Driving Van Nuys

When one thinks of Van Nuys, driving always comes up. After all, Van Nuys is the virtual epicenter of 1950’s style cruising and there’s always a feeling that home is where the parking space is. Van Nuys Boulevard is a major north-south arterial road that runs through the central San Fernando Valley. The famed thoroughfare was notable for its cruising lifestyle that was prevalent in the 1960s and ’70s, which was depicted in the 1979 film Van Nuys Boulevard.

Van Nuys Boulevard Sights

Big Taco on Van Nuys Boulevard.
Big Taco on Van Nuys Boulevard.

Founded by none other than Isaac Newton Van Nuys in 1911, the neighborhood’s population is one of the more dense in the valley, hovering just under 150,000. Pickled along the way you’ll find plenty of cultural and Hollywood historical sights. There’s famed Galpin Auto Sports at 15600 Roscoe Boulevard, where MTV’s Pimp My Ride is filmed. They also created the new KITT For the new Night Rider TV show. There’s the Panorama Theater which is converted into a church. There’s Big Taco, a local eatery and institution between Saticoy and Valerio.

Here’s Looking at YOU kid

Next time you’re at Van Nuys Airport, you might take a beat to survey and imagine that the film classic Casablanca was filmed there. Perhaps the most famous scene in movies, the “Here’s looking at you, kid,” scene was filmed at The Van Nuys Airport. Extraordinary.

Little known fact: Because of budgetary concerns, Casablanca director Michael Curtiz used a smaller by-plane than depicted in the film. He achieved this pre-CGI effect by hiring little people actors to stand near the plane and give it its false scale illusion.

America is Driving

Nothing makes me feel more American than driving. Driving represents the great outdoors, western exploration and manifest destiny. And owning a good cruising vehicle is the ice cream on the cake. When I bought a new car last year, I had my old one sitting in the driveway. I didn’t want to deal with Craigslist or customers coming to my house. Instead I found a place called Able Auto We Buy Cars. I loved them from the git-go because of their name. Said everything I was looking for. And, indeed they came through for me. Within an hour of calling, they sent over a nice professional representative who handed me cash and all I had to do was sign some paperwork and hand over the keys. Done.

Problem Solved

I could now focus on my new car and take that leisurely and indeed magical cruise down Van Nuys Boulevard. And, maybe, dream for a moment: “Here’s looking at you, kid…”

Steven Alan Green

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