Muscle Cars & Classic Cars Reborn

These are exciting days and times for car enthusiasts. Muscle cars and classic cars have been brought out of the non-existent museum of retired classic cars & muscle cars and they have been reborn and given new life.


The muscle car is something that is as All-American as All-American gets. These cars hearken back to another era; an era in which Detroit dominated the world auto industry with innovation, style, gusto and raw power. U.S. cars were the envy of the world. Now those muscle cars and classic cars have been given new life. Let’s talk about these cars.

Chevy Camaro. In the house. Can I get a witness? Can I get a woot-woot??!!

As much a star of the blockbuster “Transformer” movie as Megan Fox, this car is smokin hot. Red hot. Even white hot. If looks could kill – our city streets would be a crime scene, because this car has deadly hot looks.

The new model is available in a 2010 Transformers Special Edition which features the word “Transformers” emblazoned on the hood, as well as strategic silver “Transformer” logos in certain key area (sort of a head logo of one of the Transformers).

More info about the all-new 2010 Chevy Camaro and Chevy Camaro Transformers Special Edition can be found at the link below.

Ford Motor Company has also been busy as of late.

How the Capri made it into “classic car” status is unknown, we surely though could call the Capri retired. It has now been reborn and with fabulous new styling. And what a car it is. The Capri was originally built in Europe and sold in the U.S. This car was sold simply under the name “Capri” and later “Mercury Capri”. The new Ford Capri will have the latest in Ford’s European styling. And this car is now a sports car(!)

There is also exciting news from (ahem) Mercedes-Benz.

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