2016 Yahoo Autos Tech Ride of the Year

2016 Yahoo Autos Tech Ride of the Year
We hear plenty about Google's experimental, self-driving cars. The cars that you can actually buy today aren't fully autonomous, like Google's. But the nicer ones, with the nicer options packages, can stay in the lane themselves, self-park, and …
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CES 2016 sneak peek reveals more cars, smarter drones
Over the past 18 months or so, innovators have entered "a massive experimental phase" that involves, said CTA chief economist and senior research director Shawn DuBravac, "looking at not just can we do it but what does it mean when we digitize this …
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Jeremy Clarkson tweets photo showing new Amazon team hunting for locations
The actor has previously done voice-over work for the video game Forza, appearing as a presenter in both Forza Motorsport 4 and 5. He also performed the voice of Harv in the UK version of the Pixar film Cars and had a cameo in the TV show Dalziel and …
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