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Union Station, Los Angeles
Los Angeles
Image by On Location in Los Angeles
Today I went on a long awaited field trip to Union Station, Los Angeles. Built in 1939, Union Station has served as a backdrop to many films and television shows. Films include 500 Days of Summer, Blade Runner, Catch Me If You Can, Pearl Harbor, The Island, The Italian Job, Speed, Species, Nancy Drew, Star Trek: First Contact, Predator 2, and about a million others.

1910-Los Angeles Orphanage
Los Angeles
Image by ozfan22
The Los Angeles Orphanage at 917 South Boyle Avenue, southwest corner of Boyle Avenue at Stephenson Avenue (now Whittier Boulevard) in Boyle Heights. The orphanage is a five-story, brick, L-shaped building with dormer windows on the facade and a tower at the entrance that is flanked by newly-planted date palm trees. Steps lead to an arched entryway at the bottom of the tower. Several chimneys sit atop the roof.

In 1891 the orphanage expanded yet again, relocating to a much larger facility in Boyle Heights to accommodate the increasing number of orphans who needed somewhere to live. With a growing reputation as a safe place for children of all faiths and races—a refuge in an unstable and sometimes dangerous city—the Los Angeles Orphan Asylum became an indispensable part of the community.

After sheltering more than 8,000 children, earthquake damage and freeway expansion plans led to the destruction of the Boyle Heights building. By that time, the orphanage was so fundamentally important to the successful functioning of the city that a number of supporters stepped forward to assist in its relocation. Many of the women who rallied to the cause became founding members of the Los Angeles Orphanage Guild, which is still operating today.

Los Angeles Public Library