8 thought on “Baby Boomers Tribute “Busch Gardens & Bird Sanctuary” Van Nuys San Fernando Valley So Cal”

  1. Julio Zendejas

    This is Awesomely Astounding, If it wasn’t because of you & this great
    video I would of never known…THANK YOU! <3

  2. xKmotx

    I remember it well. 🙂 One thing you did not mention was the monthly model
    boat club that ran there scale model boats and was a big crowd pleaser. I
    love you you did the 3D effect to your photos!

  3. MrBeach

    There are existing several flocks of hundreds of green parrots that still
    exist in Long Beach, that are rumored to be offspring from Busch Gardens.

  4. Loshia2002

    I remember hearing about the parrots that supposedly “escaped” from this
    place…dunno if this story is based on fact but I’ve seen the critters
    roaming around and they look to be thriving. Noisy buggers but always a

  5. Loshia2002

    That’s the story alright, and judging from what I’ve seen it’s probably
    true. You see them mostly round the Valley but you can also spot ’em up
    here in the Foothills. They’re nomadic as well, going from place to place,
    following the fruit as it ripens on the trees then moving on after they
    feed. I saw a flock of about 20 earlier this year..I was out with my camera
    when they flew overhead and got some great shots before they flew off to
    parts unknown. A rare yet awesome sight.

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