4 thought on “Q&A: Is Van Nuys a dangerous part of LA?”

  1. Dan

    I’ve only heard negative things about it, such as apartments and liquor stores being all over the place.

  2. Dresden Rose

    No, Van Nuys is a very nice little town with many totally respectable residents. There are schools, including parochial schools, good parks, excellent shopping and very little crime. It’s almost a textbook example of small town life within the Greater L.A. area.

    Property values are high in Van Nuys. Undesirable elements usually live in areas with very low property values.

    It is, in fact, a very safe and respectable town with almost no danger of crime or violence at all.

  3. Rex the Raptors fan

    The only real “danger” in Los Angeles is the extreme air and water pollution; and terrible drivers. Unfortunately all three dangers are extremely significant, including in Van Nuys.
    I would suggest you come up to Toronto here in Canada instead. I would say it’s much nicer than Los Angeles.

  4. maliboo_girl

    Some of Van Nuys is not safe, and some is ugly (ok, really ugly) and run down, especially the larger commercial streets. But there are some really cute, kind of rustic, neighborhoods of little houses off of the ugly streets, where there isn’t much crime.

    There isn’t much in the way of good shopping in Van Nuys, but there is in Sherman Oaks (a more desirable area which borders Van Nuys) and other nearby areas. There is a pretty Japanese Garden in Van Nuys or on the border, and also the Sepulveda Basin Recreational Area in Encino.

    There are some lower priced rentals in Van Nuys, and if you search, you should be able to find something in a decent neighborhood. There seems to be more family size apartments, 3 bedrooms, than in other parts of LA.

    Property prices are really low in Van Nuys compared to much of LA, so for some it’s an opportunity to own a home they they wouldn’t get elsewhere. A friend recently bought a little house in a nice neighborhood, bordering Valley Glen (a more desirable area of Van Nuys) for a bit over $ 300,000, about half what it would have cost in many other “reasonably” priced areas of LA. She had rented the house for over a year before buying it and hasn’t had any problems, really likes her neighborhood, but she tends to go out of Van Nuys into nicer for shopping, restaurants, etc.

    Just like anywhere in LA, if you are careful, aware of your environment, have good locks on your doors and windows, and alarm your car, and you avoid sketchy places, especially at night, you should be fine.

    Good luck!

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