24 thought on “Van Nuys Blvd. (1979) trailer”

  1. Grindhouse Cinema Database

    The Deuce is back online! Thanks to Seb at +The Quentin Tarantino Archives
    for all his help!

  2. mvunit3

    HA! I lived in Panorama City in 1977, Mexicans & Latinos have ALWAYS
    cruised Van Nuys blvd. Along with every other race. Low Riders, Hot Rods,
    Vans, Trucks. But yes, the streets used to be safer, I used to ride my
    skateboard at the outdoor malls, A Tower Records used to be there and Star
    Wars would make its mark. I was a 14 year old American/Latino geek who
    could still remember the Cars, Pup N’ Taco and collecting my 1st LP’s, Good
    Times/Bad Times. 🙂

  3. pop2x

    @12345obama Fine. Take it back ( as you are slowly anyway) and it will be a
    shit hole like Mexico in no time. Wake up dummy.


    @josuefarias52 Your comment was removed. Now what did you say to get rubed
    off like that?

  5. John McQuilkin

    I gotta see this film! I know it’s going to be my new all time favorite…
    well second the “Angel” series of flicks. John McQuilkin – Hollywood
    Happens The Unofficial Spokesperson of Hollywood

  6. james madison

    Why should he move out?Dirty welfare scumbags come in and wreck the area
    and destroy the quality of life and decent law abiding dignified people
    should move out because they’re upset?I don’t think so asshole.Get rid of
    the “welfraud” scum not the good people.

  7. Matthew Mata

    @kubrickzghost uhh not true…mexico only sold a parcel of land comprising
    modern day southern arizona and new mexico called the gadsen purchase.
    never sold anything else. american settlers crossed the borders into what
    is now texas and california and settled there, knowing very well they were
    in mexican territory. they revolted and became separate republics,
    essentially their own countries and later joined the u.s. just stating the

  8. james madison

    You should be loving people like me because I provide the government
    paycheck that allows you,your boyfriend,your supposed wife and mother of
    your thirty kids to buy the toilet paper from Dollar Tree so you can all
    wipe your filthy asses and throw it in the garbage can because you’re
    uneducated pieces of garbage with the morals of a gnat…

  9. Victory Rose

    Van nuys is nasty now.Even moving there in the mid 90s it looked nice then
    I moved around 05 and came back..12,it was sad. When I was there old van
    nuys was still around and it was cleaner.

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