A Front-Wheel Drive BMW Does Not Kill the Brand

A Front-Wheel Drive BMW Does Not Kill the Brand
As a former BMW dealership employee who grew up in an E30-owning household and who went on to buy a 2001 E46 330i Sport as my first sports sedan a decade and a half ago, I've long since realized that BMW doesn't see itself the way its American fans and …
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Flagship Reborn: Driving the Turbocharged 2017 Mazda CX-9
Mazda is not new to turbocharging, but in the process of expanding this technology beyond sports cars, it had to learn some lessons the hard way. Several previous attempts at … sale in early summer 2016. We'll buy one for a full road test as soon as …
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UATP CEO Ralph Kaiser On A Single-Use Virtual Card That Bundles Air, Hotel
Anytime the airline talks to a corporate and says, “Hey when you book a flight on us, you can also book your hotel and car rental and we put it all on the same statement for you,” they're going to say, “Sure. Why not do it?” They'll all add it. We just …
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