How big is Van Nuys blvd in the Los Angeles area?

Question by Mark: How big is Van Nuys blvd in the Los Angeles area?
From start to finish, how big do you think it is?

I will move soon to the Sherman Way area and plan to continue my school that is located in Van Nuys blvd. The address is 6551, it’s inside the bank of america building.

(It’s a career vocational school).

I did google direction, but I want to get your opinion if you taken that route. And yes, I’ll be taking the orange line bus probably.

Thanks for any info!
What bus should I take from Sherman Way to Van Nuys blvd?
I live in Sherman Way, 91406 zip code. I don’t want RN. I’ll stick with Vocational Nursing.

RN is 2yrs + 2 more years cause of pre req.

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Answer by travelmaster
the orange doesnt go on sherman way
its no where near sherman way the orange line and sherman are1 to 2
mile apart

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  1. maliboo_girl

    Sherman Way and Van Nuys Bl are both long, and they cross each other. So if you lived on Sherman Way and Van Nuys, the distance from home to school can be from less than 1 mile. If you lived at the far west end of Sherman Way, it is up to about 11.5 miles from school. If you lived at the east end of Sherman Way, it can be up to about 5.5 miles from school.

    Do you mean Sherman Oaks? The Sherman Oaks area is just south of the Van Nuys area. If you live in Sherman Oaks, in an apartment, you will likely be from about 1.5 miles to 5 miles from school. (There are some houses south of the apartments, that area could be about 7 miles away from school.)

    Did you check to see that the Metro Orange bus is the most convenient? There are lots of buses in the area, and you might find one that goes closer to your school, I think the Orange goes to Oxnard Bl & Van Nuys Bl, which is about .7 miles from that BofA.

    You can check on Google Maps to see which is the best bus for you. Put in the BofA address > click on the Marker > click on Directions > put in your home address or cross streets > click on the little bus icon above the addresses > choose the date and times > Get Directions

    Did you look into community colleges for nursing or other programs? They are typically less expensive.

    Good luck!

    Some community colleges do have CNA and LVN programs, and some have LVN bridge to RN programs.

    If you live near Sherman Way in the 91406 zip code, there are several buses but it doesn’t seem the Orange line goes there. Try Google maps, it’s easy and you can get the bus for the time you need it.

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